The Challenge of this project was combining 2 large 1970’s apartments into 1 Penthouse to create a warm, sophisticated, relaxed, and luxurious space.

External surroundings and finishes are always a consideration in rural and mountain areas. The view is spectacular for the client as they view the sun setting over the mountains and offers a welcome chance to renew and refresh from city life.

The brief from the clients was that the space had to function and be adaptable for large and small groups.

Arflex Marenco aged leather armchairs with custom made twig tables.

2 living zones were placed either side of the dining area – one for “Relaxation and Lounging” and the other for “Cocktails and Entertaining”.

A striking mix of natural materials have been used from stone, timber, grass cloth wallpaper, marble and leather combined with other materials and textures. Many furniture pieces were custom made.