Rebecca Clark Design is a Melbourne based Interior Designer and works primarily across the high-end residential and boutique commercial sector. The studio attracts an astute clientele of individuals who are leaders within their respective fields.

With a global perspective and intuitive, client focused approach to design, we balance form and function with distinctive flair to conceive responsive and enduring spaces that enhance the everyday. We don’t follow trends, we eschew them and instead favour outcomes that are classic yet modern, timeless yet unconservative and luxurious yet liveable.

We are confident and self-assured, always operating with conviction as we employ a bold approach to colour, form and materiality. Rebecca searches the globe with a multi layered handwriting, cohesively curating objects, furniture, and furnishings from different lands and cultures. A mixing of contemporary, vintage and antique styles to create spaces that genuinely delight and surprise.

We believe in the importance of developing long term relationships with clients, architects and suppliers and are approachable, open-minded, and collaborative, delivering a high level of service that is characteristically warm and friendly.
With a meticulous eye for detail, we are dedicated to producing quality design outcomes that are layered and tactile. Pedantic about precision, we consider every intricate element from joinery to lighting and are usually involved throughout the design process to finished interior and client hand over.

Driven by a deep passion for design and to articulate a unique story and formidable point of view.
With the ability to blur the lines and not follow fashion or convention yet layer with a unique timelessness that defies era and trend.

‘Purity of materiality, unexpected elements, custom design details and a global perspective are the hallmarks of Rebecca’s style’.