Every home has a unique story to tell and we see each project afresh.

With a global perspective and intuitive client focused approach, we balance form and function with distinctive flair to create enduring spaces that enhance your everyday life. With a meticulous eye for detail, we are dedicated to producing quality design outcomes that are layered and tactile.

We believe in the importance of developing long term relationships with clients, architects and suppliers and deliver a high level of service that is warm and friendly.

We offer Interior Design and Interior Decoration services that are generally whole house projects that encompass the following

  • Space Planning and Concept designs
  • Custom Kitchens and bathroom design
  • Bespoke Joinery
  • Lighting
  • Hard materials and Colour palettes
  • Window treatments and Soft furnishings
  • Furniture procurement
  • Styling

This is how we work

Two Hour Consultation

The two hour consultation can be the beginning of an upcoming project or a stand-alone, information packed consultation. We can talk about your vision and goals and any design dilemmas. We can look at your spaces and start afresh. We can give direction and advice on how to go forward with your space.

If you are planning a renovation and new look, this two-hour meeting will be the beginning of your project. We can discuss you vision in detail, wish list and what you would like in the new design. We can discuss budgets and explore ideas and options can be tailor made to fit your lifestyle.

Current rate – $550


With a preliminary scope of works we create a customised Letter of Agreement for your project. Once this is done and a retainer is provided, we begin the next stage for your project.

Design & Planning Phase

At the beginning of this phase, we meet again to discuss the project in depth whether it is Interior Design, Interior Decoration, or a combination of both. If construction is involved, we’ll start putting pen to paper. We’ll source finishes, fixtures, furnishings for your home. If it’s more furniture procurement and styling, we’ll do new furniture layouts, source furniture, lighting, and custom items to present during the presentation.

Design Presentation

We’ll present drawings, mood boards, finish samples and fabric swatches for a new re-imagined space.

Large projects may require phased presentations. If there are components that need tweaking or revision, well finetune and source alternatives to ensure you are completely happy with the design.


We prepare schedules for interior items and as finishes, fixtures, furniture, lighting, and custom items are approved, we begin the ordering process and manage these moving parts. We work to ensure smooth execution of Design Plans and delivery for furniture items. We’ll take the stress out of the process and deal with any potential problems.

Finishing Touches

After construction is completed, fixtures and furnishings are installed. We’ll source and bring accessories and finishing touches to your home to complete the transformation.